About Us

Infinity Martial Arts offers one of the longest-standing martial arts schools in Bloomington/Normal.  We’ve had the honor and pleasure of impacting thousands of lives in our community.


The Infinity Martial Arts Advantage

  1. Fun: We love to have fun and know that students learn better and faster when they are having fun.  We are known (and loved 😊) for our creative approach and innovative teaching methods.
  2. Family: We refer to our students as members, as in FAMILY members.  We love them and being part of their lives.
  3. No contracts: We want you to be part of the Infinity family because you realize the benefits, not because you are under contract.
  4. Transparency: We are open and upfront about our schedules and pricing, to do otherwise makes you wonder.  Also, we are very transparent with students and parents about promotion testing requirements and expectations.
  5. Experience: As an instructing team, we have over 50 years of martial arts experience.
  6. Credentials: We have bachelor's degrees in education, and have conducted instructor seminars throughout North America on how to teach martial arts in a fun, safe, and effective way.